Seminar about micro-nano manufacture technology entries of the third edition of 《Encyclopedia of China》 was held in NanJing

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    Seminar about micro-nano manufacture technology entries of the third edition of 《Encyclopedia of China》 was held in NanJing in May 13th -14th. The compilation of the third edition of 《Encyclopedia of China》 was a magnitude basic cultural project set up by the Sate Council with whose organization led by Central Propaganda Department. 16 experts coming from 12 units attended the seminar, which include Tsinghua University、Peking University、Nanjin university.  Huazhong University of Science and Technology 、Xi`an Jiaotong University、Dalian University of Technolog、Northwestern Polytechnical University Suzhou University、Jiangsu University、Insititute of Electrics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology.

    Vice director of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University Yunfei Chen make a speech representing event organizer, which introduce experts of micro-nano manufacture field coming from different colleges and universities or research institutions and he express welcome for their coming. Doctor Wei of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of 

Southeast University introduced the standard of entries to the expert attending the meeting and illustrate the writing of entries by examples. Professor Yunfei Chen introduced the background of this project、current progress、general requirements by 3 aspects including brief Introduction of《Encyclopedia of China》、overview of mechanical engineering of the third edition of《Encyclopedia of China》、the condition of micro-nano manufacture and writing arrangement. He also introduced the situation of items collection of the third edition of 《Encyclopedia of China》 and the suggestion of the division of tasks.

    Experts attending the meeting have a adequate discussion about how to complete the writing of entries with high quality and make the detailed division of tasks. Expert group hope the participants to fully develop the collective wisdom and power to ensure the quality of writing. They also hope to take this opportunity of writing micro-nano manufacture technology entries of《Encyclopedia of China》 to vigorously promote the influences of micro-nano manufacture discipline at home and abroad.


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