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Department of Design Engineering

 The Department has experienced a development period of "principle and mechanical parts research group", mechanical "mechanics discipline group", "mechanical design and theory" and "engineering design".Machine Design and Theory belongs to the Department for China's first batch of master's degree-granting body , began to recruit graduate students in 1963 and became a doctoral degree in 1990.  The Department currently has 17 teachers, including 3 professors, 10 associate professors, 1 Changjiang Scholar Professor, 1 winner of national outstanding youth fund , 1 famous teacher in Jiangsu province. The in-service teachers has completed or to undertake national nearly 40 enterprises, dozens of projects including the basic research program (973), the National 863 major projects, the National Natural Science Fund (including key projects), Doctoral Fund of Ministry of education, Jiangsu Province Natural Science Foundation Project. And published over 80 papers in SCI journals famous journals etc. The teachers in the Department editor of monographs have more than 30 textbooks, which won 8 the national and provincial award, issued a total amount of 100 million copies of 2 books, ranking the similar materials circulation first, won the national, provincial teaching achievement 20 multinomial. 




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